the needs of tŷ hafan children don’t stop at christmas, so neither do we.

Tŷ Hafan provides care and comfort 365 days a year.

christmas tree

The medical needs of Tŷ Hafan children don’t stop at Christmas; families still need to carry on their daily routines of caring for their child. For them, it is just another day.

Our help and support continues through what sometimes feels like the hardest part of the year.

We continue to deliver critical care. Our nurses are here ready to respond to medical emergencies and end-of-life phone calls. Our Family Support Practitioners are on the phone, dealing with emergencies even during the Christmas period. We are always there.

The families who stay with us during the festive period have had a particularly tough year and this is a chance to recharge their batteries and enjoy a relaxing family Christmas.

For them, this is a time to make memories to cherish.

Our nurses are on duty throughout the night so families can get a good night sleep, ready for Christmas Day and with staff on duty all day, stresses and worries are taken away and we can really provide families like Sarah’s with festive cheer.

Please help give the gift of Christmas this year, a donation from you means we can continue to be there 365 days a year and bring some magic to our children at Christmas.

"We know Tŷ Hafan’s doors are always open to us"


Sarah’s Story (Molly and Emily)

Christmas at Tŷ Hafan means so much to us.

We’ve been coming for nine years now and we feel a part of the Tŷ Hafan family.

For us, Christmas at Tŷ Hafan is just special. When we celebrate at home, it’s so much work. There are some celebrations but it’s still the day-to-day caring, the medication, the changing, and the feeding.

When you come to Tŷ Hafan, it’s a thousand times better. You can do all the Christmas things with the girls – opening presents, singing Christmas songs and watching Christmas films. The staff take over and deal with the hard stuff, it’s such a weight off your shoulders.

They make it so you can be a parent instead of a carer.

Our Christmas at Tŷ Hafan was one of the best we ever had. We sometimes felt quite alone and isolated when we saw other families celebrating but at Tŷ Hafan, you’re with people in the same situation and it makes you feel better. Just watching a Christmas film with the other children or opening presents with the staff and families is one of our special memories because you feel like a part of the family. Without it, we’d be lost.


Your gift of £50 could pay for the Christmas arts and crafts in the hospice for the whole of December, giving children, siblings and families the chance to have lots of fun and get creative during the festivities.

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