Ty Hafan

#family friday

we busked for 20 minutes - and raised enough for an hour of music therapy

Father and son Steve and Rhys Lloyd picked up their guitars and braved the cold to support Tŷ Hafan.



Hi, my name is Rhys - I'm 12 years old. I’ve been playing electric guitar since I was six. About a month ago I wanted some extra money to buy a remote control helicopter. My dad said “why don’t we try busking”, so we went to Swansea to give it a go.

I felt a bit silly at first, but after a while I felt more relaxed, and before long I made enough money to buy my helicopter. We also tried busking in Cardiff and Port Talbot where I live, and I made a nice bit of money each time.

I remembered that a couple years ago I went carol singing with my sister for charity, so I thought that it may be a good idea to go busking with my dad for charity. I asked my dad what he thought about it...


Hi. My name is Steve – I’m Rhys’s dad. I was really pleased that Rhys wanted to go busking for charity.

Rhys asked me what charity we should give the money to and I put a post on Facebook asking my friends to recommend some worthwhile charities. I had a few suggestions so I did a little bit of research on each one.

When I read about the work that Tŷ Hafan do, my mind was made up and Rhys agreed.

I spoke to Laura in the fundraising team at Tŷ Hafan who was kind enough to send us a collection box and balloons to use when busking.

We went to our local town Port Talbot and started busking. It went really well. Loads of passers-by stopped to put money in the box or throw some coins in our guitar case. Some people stopped to film us, some requested songs, one man even asked if he could have a go on Rhys’s guitar - and, fair play, he was an excellent guitarist!

After about 20 minutes our fingers were getting cold and tired, so we packed up our guitars and walked to the Tŷ Hafan shop to give them the money. We made more than £55 in only 20 minutes, which is enough to pay for an hour of music therapy at the hospice.

As we walked into the shopping centre, the balloons started bursting and making a loud bang which was quite funny – I’m guessing this was because of the change in temperature when we walked in! We handed the money over to the people in the shop who were very grateful. I’m hoping next time it will be a bit warmer and we can busk for a bit longer, but it was great to know we've done something to help the children and families supported by Tŷ Hafan.