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‘Precious Moments’ means something different to us all.

For many of the families that we look after, we know we can’t give them more time – but we can give them the gift of precious moments to enjoy together.

So in a bid to create, share and celebrate as many precious moments as possible this festive season, we want to hear from you about some of the amazing moments you have been enjoying too.

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That’s where our Precious Moments online picture gallery comes in.

Every Monday throughout November and December, we will be launching a brand new word on social media that links to the word ‘Precious’ – calling out for people to share their own pictures and moments linked to that word.

the letter p

Each week, your pictures and moments will then be uploaded to our giant online gallery that will eventually spell out the word P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S. – creating a mass collection of precious moments for us all to share.

It can be anything at all, from a sporting achievement you are proud of, a place where you have enjoyed precious moments, or even a person that you have enjoyed some amazing moments with.

You can join in by uploading your pictures or moments on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, to be part of our giant collection of ‘Precious Moments’. Just use #preciousmoments and tag in @TyHafan to get yours included.

Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media channels, as some very special names announce the brand new word each Monday and throughout the week.

Be sure to come back to our Precious Moments page each week too, and watch as our gallery of Precious Moments we’ve all been enjoying comes together week on week (and see if you can spot yours!).

Watch this space as we launch the first word on our social media pages next Monday…

Together, we can make this a Christmas full of precious moments to remember now and all year through.

precious moments

Last week's letter was U. Take a look at the fantastic photos we received below. Click on the letter to see the full gallery:

letter U

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